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Polymeric and Hybrid Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

We are a team of chemists working within Nanotechnology of Polymers and Biomaterials group. Our team is mostly, although not exclusively, focused on basic and applied research on (modified) natural and synthetic polymers in the biomedical and environmental contexts. The main subject of our biomedical research are polyelectrolytes, both cationic and anionic, which show various physiological actions including both polymeric anticoagulants and anticoagulant inhibitors, antiatherogenic agents, antimicrobial (antiviral and antibacterial) polymers or play an auxilliary role as delivery systems, (photocrosslinkable) cell culture supports and as components of molecularly imprinted hybrid systems for adsorption of biomarkers. On the other hand, our our environmental research is devoted to the development of the polymeric, hybrid polymeric/inorganic and inorganic photocatalysts which could be applied for the degradation of environmental pollutants. Although our studies within these two fields may seem quite disparate, they serve the same general purpose - the translation of the gained knowledge into applications which could directly (see our biomedical patents) or indirectly (see our environmental patents) benefit human health.

We invite ambitious students of chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and related fields who would like to do their M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies within highly interdisciplinary and thus demanding projects on the crossroads of chemistry, biology, medicine, and nanotechnology to join our group. Those interested are encouraged to review the information on our research topics and grants and contact us directly.

We are also open to collaboration with national and international scientists and industrial partners to exchange knowledge and share resources.